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Got Chuck?

There’s this dude out there in the Write-verse that you need to have in your earhole, or your eye hole or what…I’ll stop there. His name is Chuck, He a a decent young man, ( I consider him young) and he adds a fuck ton of writerly advice to you and your life. If you are one of the “writers” who actually considers herself a real writer, but you really haven’t done a whole heck of a lot of writing with that title, you may want to get a grip on what this Chucky-guy has to say.

He’s witty, clever, and some would consider him handsome.

Regardless, he’s a damn fine writer and one who, like many others out there, is rooting for you to go out and get a piece of the Good Life pie. He wants you on the front line with your gun loaded. ..and unlike many of the bad guys, he wants you to know how to use your gun.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Chuck wants you to get your ass out there and write your work. Write your life’s work. Write what you got in your head and in your heart. Write that shit like you were slinging flapjacks down at the Eatery on Sunday morning after church.

Make the words pee out of your fingers after you just finished first in a pee-holding contest. Unleash the Kraken.

If you feel down about your writing, follow step one below:

STEP 1 Below: Subscribe to Chuck

If you really want to pull yourself up by your neon Apple Straps (because in the future everything is likely owned by Apple; I’ve already accepted that), then you head over to this article lickety split and learn how to take control of your word life, and get your shit down.

Here’s the Poster:


For the Impatient – you’re either a writer or you’re not. You can either do the work or you can’t, you don’t deserve to and, other than to dust it with that cold dusty air shit, you have no business around a keyboard.

You know what to do.

Go get you some Chuck.



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