Her: You know my birthday's coming up.  Me: Yeah, I know. What do you want. Her: A Miter saw.


Who are you?

I'm working on some Sour Patch Kids right now. They're the little watermelon-shaped ones. Yeah, they're actually terrible things for you, and really not all that great tasting. I' mean if you're going to go out and off the deep end, if you're going to go out on a bender, make it count at least.... Continue Reading →

  Daoliang slept through most nights, but thoughts about his new drone eased him into wakefulness this morning. Two a.m. may as well have been the middle of the day in the lower reaches of Shanghai’s Sun Quadrant. The other bodies in the room lay limp as he rustled out from under the drab faded... Continue Reading →


If you're up for a bit of inspiration, try this. As the Wendigians say, Art Harder, Motherfucker. -C

Love, Death & Robots

Netflix lover? I've never once considered myself a Netflix lover. I do enjoy the shows, but I'm certainly not a lover. But But! But! I just watched this new show - super short, super good. called Love, Death & Robots. Yes, I can get over the fact that they missed the Oxford comma - it... Continue Reading →

  Brownies - they are truly the number one killer of every member of my family since my great, great, great, great, great, grandfather. His name was Mark. I know it's not much for a grandfather. It's certainly not the kind of name you would expect for a grandfather, but Mark was the man. Regardless,... Continue Reading →

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