Skyward – a review

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson My rating: 2 of 5 stars View all my reviews


A Digitally Dark Short Story

I wrote a story about a year ago which belongs in some digitally dark space – video game limbo, maybe. Something having to do with the creepy crawly things that flood your imagination when you’re eyes are glued to some fill-in-the-blank, highly addictive video game escapist world. It’s a story about monsters. It’s monsters and... Continue Reading →

Running into Midnight

Midnight approaches, friends, and I'm just gettin' done with the professional side of the day. It's amazing how much flies at you if you let it, and from the looks of things; I'm letting it. Life is daily kind to me and for that I am thankful throughout - marvelous what the days bring in... Continue Reading →

Short Story Search

It's not the most ideal hour to be looking for a short story contest, but that's what I'm doing. Getting some inspiration from the late great Harlan Ellison, and yep, it's past midnight again, and that's what I'm doing. When it's time to write, it's time to write. The trick is not becoming a writer.... Continue Reading →

When Your Cup is Full…

In our time here as humans, we tend to go big, especially in the United States. Big cars, big money, big houses, big families, big food, big people, big government, big this, big that…..all of it. The motto has somehow become if it’s not big, it’s not good enough. It’s crazy. But with all the... Continue Reading →

PAX East 2018

It's in Boston, and I’m going. Not sure when the tickets are going to come out, but it's looking like they’ll come out at some point in the next few days. The Twitter page has been good to me;  there is news that the tickets and badges are supposed to go on sale in the... Continue Reading →

Questioning Why I Write

Last week there was a point in which I had to step back from the writing and catch up with myself. I had to ask myself why I put them down. And then I was frustrated a bit because I didn’t know. How was it that I didn’t know? I have been writing since 2008... Continue Reading →

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